Writing a check for a wedding gift

However, weddings throw a lot of curve balls into the mix, with possible name changes, the gift being to two people and more.

cashing wedding check etiquette

Gender equality for all! Tucking cash or a check inside a card and bringing it to the wedding reception is still totally acceptable though—but if you bring a check, it needs to be made out correctly. It runs into most of the other listed problems, with the added bonus of offending a lot of people.

Should it have the bride's maiden name or her married name? More begging at the bank ensued. Not only did the teller have to call a supervisor, the supervisor had to call someone and talk to them for a very long time to get authorization for our deposit.

In the Mail If you are giving the check as a wedding present before the wedding, send it in the mail written and addressed to either the bride or groom whoever you are closest to but not to both. Make sure to let your parents and wedding party know whether you'll be changing your name, and ask them to encourage guests to address checks to one of you or the other not both to avoid checks you won't be able to deposit.

But there can be some confusion when it comes to addressing the check. But Lisa Jones, that person doesn't exist. But here's the thing: You don't know if the bride is changing her name and if she is, you also don't know when.

is it ok to give a check for wedding gift

While many brides change their names, others opt not to.

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How to Write a Check for a Wedding Gift