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I personally think the phrase "thesis statement" can be misleading in terms of including the word statement. For this reason, your quotes need to be well-selected. Just because you know a word to describe a literary feature and what it means, it doesn't mean it's always going to be there! You might be at an extreme or somewhere in the middle, but you're going to have a style which suits you and it's extremely important you're secure and confident in your personal approach before you enter the exam. This is, essentially, PEE again. Imagine that you've announced "this poem is about X and now I'm going to show you why". It's easier to do an analysis if you treat the whole essay as building up the case for WHY your analysis is correct. Additionally, Charles G.

How well has the aspect chosen been explored in relation to the assignment? The reason for this number?

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What you should avoid is point scoring, which is kinda like name dropping only using special words. Additionally, Charles G. Get a piece of paper, head it up with the theme you're looking at and then divide it into columns.

You should be editing out minor words like crazy trying to trim it down, and definitely not stopping short of the mark.

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It depends on the question you get and how much you know to be able to write! Remember what your texts are called and who wrote them You can find these by flicking through the books and just thinking of the most important things your teachers picked out in lessons, or you'll also find that sites like Sparknotes often contain 'key' quotes which you can use to inspire you.

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If you know something is effective but don't know the special word for it and often there isn't onethere's no harm in explaining it out. To understand its use, one must explore the intention behind the setting.

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Clearly this is an invented example, but the point I'm trying to get at is that the former interpretation wouldn't fit the whole text. Finally, the edibles and beverages that are served in this kitchen hold substantial importance in terms of plot and character. Really stupid things but you'll get stuck! What, however, if the question in the exam asks you about Death, and nobody dies in one of the texts. To what extent does the candidate appreciate the cultural setting relevant to the assignment, where appropriate? You have an introduction your declaration and brief overview of why you believe X to be the case and a conclusion briefly how you believe you've proved it to be so. Columns to compare points across as many texts as you're going to include.

The Bluest Eye Really stupid things but you'll get stuck!

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