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Writing an Anchor Sentence It might seem like a silly thing to do, but an anchor sentence is as vital as a thesis statement.

Craft a strong opening sentence that will engage the reader.

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Present your thesis again, but reword it. In this case, you can see five discrete categories, each with its own stakes, and the number value that corresponds to your performance: The prof will take the rubric and keep it within reach while grading. And, fourth, you will need to make an outline. Begin by making a list of why you think your paper topic is relevant. Say you have to write a paper for your Linguistics class. As a college student, you probably have access to a number of academic databases that you can use to find scholarly articles. A paper may have several appendices. To get an A on this paper, you have to perform with excellence in 3 categories and above average in at least 2 of the other categories. State why the main idea is important — Tell the reader why he or she should care and keep reading. Be ready that you may need to revise your project more than once because it is really worth doing.

They are usually designated by such headings as Appendix A, Appendix B, and so on. To begin with the end in mind, you need to follow three simple steps: — Look at the Assignment With a Critical Eye Take a few moments to review the assignment and rubric with a pen and highlighter, making notes and underlining key elements the prof wants to see.

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The Elements of Style was first published in How do I Write a Thesis Statement? If the assignment asks you to introduce a topic, explain different opinions on the topic, and then choose and explain your opinion, then your paper probably needs three main sections, one for each of those objectives. What precisely are you studying and why is it important? Present your thesis again, but reword it. Introduction and Statement of the Problem A good introduction states the main research problem and thesis argument. You have to check and eliminate filler words and phrases, improve word choice, and correct mistakes in punctuation and grammar if you find any. Go through and underline actionable items.

Grammarly Grammarly is like a super-powered spell checker. If you fail to acknowledge this, you will write a crumby paper every time.

how to write a research paper outline

Abstract Not every education paper requires an abstract. Take a look at this assignment from an actual college professor: Yow!

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How to Write Research Paper . . . and Get an A+