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If not all, a lot of pollution is caused by humans. Warming water can also be harmful. Underwater noise pollution coming from ships has been shown to upset whales ' navigation systems and kill other species that depend on the natural underwater world. It has caused death, disease, and many health problems. Essay on Environmental Pollution: Types, Causes and Conclusion — Essay 5 Words The presence of a substance in the environment which can be harmful to human beings, plants or animals is what we call as a pollutant and this occurrence is called environmental pollution. The area of fertile land is deteriorating every passing day by the use of chemicals for gaining better produce. These come from the most common sources of contaminates, that include agricultural runoff, air deposition, water diversions and channelization of streams. Huge amount of waste, including metals like lead, toxic chemicals coming from Industries is dumped in rivers and water-bodies. Sign Up Message from Sophia! Noise pollution takes place when noise and unpleasant sounds cause temporary disruption in the natural balance. Thus, pollution becomes the leading cause of death in underdeveloped low-income countries. The sudden change of temperature in the body of water can also kill fish. The emission of these greenhouse gases and the global warming it causes has led to droughts, erratic rains and increased temperatures worldwide. There are a lot of factors that contribute to water pollution, one very major contributing factor is industrial effluent disposed into rivers and seas and causing a large imbalance in the properties of water and this makes the bodies of water unfit for live.

It is very easy to monitor, indentify and control the point sources of pollution while the non-point pollution sources are quite difficult and hard to control. The main pollutants are industries because industries emit harmful gases in the atmosphere, which cause air pollution, industrial effluents are also discharged into water bodies causing water pollution.

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Pollution brings about a disturbance in the balance of the environment and the ecosystem. However, the high concentration of the gases makes Earth warmer and affects the natural processes on the planet. The diseases that occur due to environmental pollution consist of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, lung cancer, skin cancer, lead poisoning, cardiovascular diseases and stroke, radiation augmented cancers, mercury poisoning, congenital disabilities, allergies, lung diseases owing to occupational exposure to numerous toxin and many more. People have become prisoners of their own creations. Use natural, environmentally friendly chemicals for your everyday chores. The aquatic life, including both flora and fauna, is depleting rapidly. These can take part in further chemical reactions once they are in the atmosphere, creating acid rain and smog. Methane gas is known to be a harmful gas, it is highly flammable and a potential disaster to the ozone layer. If too many gases are introduced into the atmosphere, though, more heat is trapped and this can make the planet artificially warm, according to Columbia University. Warming water can also be harmful. It is quite common for rain water to have sulfuric acid due to rampant cases of air pollution in the modern society. Vehicle and factory emissions are common sources of this type of air pollution. Excessively bright lights consume a lot of energy while threatening the environmental balance in several ways.

The living things include animals, plants, and other microorganisms, whereas air, water, soil, sunlight, etc. Still to this day china is a very modern country but at the same time The Hazardous Effects of Pollution to the Environment and Human Health.

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The key causes of the water pollution are: industrial waste, mining activities, sewage and waste water, accidental oil leakage, marine dumping, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, burning of fossil fuels, animal waste, urban development, global warming, radioactive waste, and leakage from sewer lines.

Many people are realizing now the threat that pollution poses to humans. Nothing will be able to live without water.

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