Thesis statement on john proctor in the crucible

Introduction Workshop The introduction is the set up for your whole paper! The court finds him guilty of devil worship and wants to hang him if he does not confess. Puritan culture and its conflict with individualism may be developed into theses about the ability of individuality to exist in Puritan culture or how religious beliefs influence day-to-day life and affect individuals.

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But, he wants to be honest and save his wife. Abigail wants Elizabeth to get hanged so she can be back with John again. The falling action of the play comes when Rev. Fear is the underlying element of tragedies according to Miller.

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Theses that compare the play to the historical city may consider how Miller chooses to represent the early Puritan society or the commentary Miller seems to be making about the society.

David Kato, a Ugandan gay rights campaigner, was beaten to death on January 26,

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