The roles and significance of martin luther king jr and malcolm x in civil right struggles

Nineteen men were arrested and the trial began in in the courtroom of Judge William Cox, a racist judge who had previously referred to a group of African Americans as 'a bunch of chimpanzees. It was organized and attended by civil rights leaders such as A.

Their efforts, however, brought much-needed attention to the issue of desegregation and fueled protests on both sides of the issue. Nobody could do anything with them," said the black City Councilman Fred Davis.

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By the end of the day, riots and fires had broken out throughout Birmingham and another 2 teenagers were killed. Dozens of unsolved bombings and police killings had terrorised the black community for many years. At the funeral of three of the girls, Martin Luther King gave the eulogy, which was witnessed by 8, mourners, both white and black. Attorney General Robert F. A half-century after their deaths, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X remain two of the world's most revered political activists. Citation Information. He was an eloquent spokesman for his point of view and no one can honestly doubt that Malcolm had a great concern for the problems we face as a race". They were testing the decision by the Supreme Court in Boynton v. Young American soldiers were killing Vietnamese civilians, and America's white and black youth became openly hostile and rallied against the war. It seems to me that great gains have been made in the USA since then but that, unfortunately, huge difficulties still remain. He was In reality, prejudice still existed.

An increasing number of peaceful protest actions occurred at the beginning of the s raising the hope of African Americans. He and the Nation of Islam were described as hatemongers, black supremacists, racists, violence-seekers, segregationists, and a threat to improved race relations. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King wants the same thing I want—freedom!

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Clearly there is much in Mississippi and Alabama to remind South Africans of their own country, yet even in Mississippi we can organise to register Negro voters, we can speak to the press, we can in short organise the people in non-violent action. When Malcolm was young, his family suffered greatly at the hands of white supremacists.

As King was wrapping up a press conference, he was approached by Malcolm, and the two shook hands and exchanged greetings. Many young African Americans in particular wanted to speed up real social change. The afro style was a rejection of the use of chemical hair straighteners.

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The increasing importance of black ministers, who transformed their churches into starting points for further protests, as well as the nonviolent resistance itself as a new and powerful weapon are highlighted by MLK. When the onlookers began to taunt the policeman, a second officer was called in.

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Kennedy negotiated with Alabama Governor John Patterson to find a suitable driver, and the Freedom Riders resumed their journey under police escort on May On February 21, , Malcolm X was assassinated in New York, bringing an end to one of the most famous political debates in the history of black Americans. After thousands of blacks threatened to march on Washington to demand equal employment rights, President Franklin D. Our desire to want to create a society for all people, defined by non-violence, love and care for all people in the society," says Cone. The Black Power Movement was very broad, and should perhaps be more accurately described as the Black Power Movements and aimed to express a new racial consciousness among black people in the United States. This was the day they would show Mayor Henry Loeb the power of a united black community allied with unions, students and people of goodwill, white and black. Martial law was declared and state police and the National Guard were sent in. New York: Penguin, , et sqq. King wrote in his last major work; Where do we go from here: Chaos or Community: "The classic example of organised and institutionalised racism is the Union of South Africa. Thanks for watching!
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Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X Only Met Once