The minimum voting age in the united states should be 18

should the voting age be lowered to 13

It is Section 5 that gives Congress the power to legislate in the area of voting qualifications, as well as in many other areas affecting fundamental rights. The medieval justification has an especially bitter relevance today, when millions of our 18 year-olds are compelled to bear arms as soldiers, and thousand are dead in Vietnam.

We must guarantee that its many important provisions are enacted into law at the earliest opportunity.

Why is the voting age 18 in india

Carleton wondered why the vote was proposed for youth at a time when the period of adolescence had grown so substantially rather than in the past when people had more responsibilities at earlier ages. Because so many men between 18 and 20 were being drafted to fight in Vietnam, Congress came under substantial pressure to expand the franchise to them. People under 18 are contributing and active members of society. The first deals with what I believe are the string policy arguments in favor of lowering the voting age to As the Court itself stated in the Morgan case: 'It was for Congress However, by disenfranchising young people society tells us that we do not have anything of value to add to the political conversations in our society. Although the Constitution contains no specific reference to qualifications for voting in Presidential elections or state elections, it has traditionally been accepted that the States also have primary authority to set voting qualifications in these areas as well.

Morgan, however, the Supreme Court explicitly recognized that Congress had broader power to legislate in the area of the Equal Protection Clause and state classifications for the suffrage.

Left to state initiative, therefore, the result is likely at best to be an uneven pattern of unjustifiable variation. At the very least, the opportunity to vote should be granted in recognition of the risks an 18 year-old is obliged to assume when he is sent off to fight and perhaps die for his country.

The issue left the Court seriously divided: Four justices, not including Black, believed Congress did have the right in state and local elections, while four others again, not including Black believed that Congress lacked the right even for federal elections, and that under the Constitution only the states have the right to set voter qualifications.

Proponents say teenagers as young as 16 should be allowed to participate in government elections, arguing that doing so would increase voter turnout, promote civic engagement, and let teens have a say in their futures. Indeed, in many cases, 18 to 21 year-olds already possess a better education than a large proportion of adults among our general electorate.

Disadvantages of voting age should be lowered

In recent years, there has been perhaps no more embattled institution of leaning than San Francisco State University. Yet, in the Morgan case, the Supreme Court made it unmistakably clear that CongresS-had the power to override the State interest. Although 18 - 21 year-olds are not subject to the same sort of discrimination in public services confronting Puerto Ricans in New York the discriminations, actual and potential, worked against millions of young Americans in our society are no less real. Equally significant, it is clear that the increased education of our youth is not measured merely by the quantitative amount of knowledge instilled. Internationally, more than 25 countries have a voting age lower than 18 and many more are looking at following their lead. The right to vote is the fundamental political right in our Constitutional system. The majority of countries in the world also have an year-old voting age. Voting is a good example of this sort of situation. It would be extremely unfair to penalize the vast majority of all students because of the reckless conduct of the few. Nevertheless, in spite of this past practice, Katzenbach v. But, this position is not yet the law, even though the Supreme Court's decision last June in Gaston County v. In just over two months—the shortest period of time for any amendment in U. It does not automatically follow of course-- simply because an 18 year-old goes to war, or works, or marries, or makes a contract, or pays taxes, or drives a car, or owns a gun, or is held criminally responsible, like an adult--that he should thereby be entitled to vote. Both have yet to favour a reduction to

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Lowering the National Voting Age to 18