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The fact is that every interpreter is biased in some ways.

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Fowler, Friedrich Schweitzer, and Johannes A. The maintenance of the objective reality of God in the subjectivity of our faith is a scientific method of theology. It highlights the derivation of the Son and the Spirit always from God the Father, the only source of the Godhead. They are indigenisation, contextualisation, inculturation, Africanisation and others. This has the Old Testament background in terms of the Passover lamb — a sacrificial offering to denote forgiveness of sins and take the place of humans who deserve to die for their sins. Sometimes Reformed covenantal theologians define sacrament to include signs and seals of the covenant of works. Thus the epistemology determines the concept of the trinitarian ontology of God for Basil. Theological Reflection: Methods. Some would say that practical theology exists for the application of other significant theological disciplines, such as philosophical and historical theology. Accepting His free gift of salvation is something that begins now in this life already, even if only in part.

Duke Philadelphia : Fortress Press, Election and Security of the Believer Of all the gospels, John also in greatest detail and most clearly describes the election and the security of the believer. But now compare"Whoever hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life and will not be condemned.

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The baptism of the Holy Spirit also occurs in the event of conversion and regeneration for Basil. The orthodoxy of Christianity is built upon its trinitarian theology that is traditionally developed from the trinitarian baptismal formula.

While interpretative interests refer to those dimensions of the text that interest the interpreters, life interests are those concerns and commitments that drive or motivate the interpreters to come to the texts.

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They therefore had to form their own African indigenous churches that would meet the needs of the African communities by employing African culture in their interpretation of the Bible. The Bible is read, recited, sung, repeatedly to affect its desired healing. It seems that the biblical writers do not give the great concern and significance to linguistic phrases. Calvinism has generally viewed the Eucharist as a mysterious participation in the Real Presence of Christ mediated by the Holy Spirit that is, real spiritual presence or pneumatic presence. The three hypostases of the Trinity are no longer seen as the ontological necessity of the one divine substance. Theology therefore must be concerned with the doing of the truth and with the encounter with truth in action. In addition, because of the centrality of the poor as the subject of theology in liberation theology, a pure, academic praxis of the discipline might be difficult.

Dingemans -takes the hermeneutical approach as their method, and W. Within leading practical theologians, there needs to be developed an atmosphere of encouraging the participation of more diverse voices in order to expand the impact of practical theology.

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Lecture Distinctive Theologies in the Gospel of John