Similarities between qualitative and quantitative research

Quantitative research measures numerical results to help predict possible outcomes.

Similarities between qualitative and quantitative research

However, the generalization of these responses might lead to the transmission of errors in making the conclusion as some of the quantified results might not have been true as the researcher is absent to seek for the clarification of the vague responses but instead relies on the provided data.

Besides, the researcher can also enquire and exhaust more on the other related issues that might not have been planned for in the guidelines for the research.

similarities between qualitative and quantitative research methods pdf

Ritchie, J. Tools of Measurement Both qualitative and quantitative research are used to measure the results of data. So, while the numbers themselves are objective, the process of choosing them and justifying why they are more important than other numbers is qualitative, which makes all research qualitative to some degree.

Social Research Methods 4th ed.

Difference between qualitative and quantitative research with examples

Remler, D. Only to recall some of the main differences between both methodological approaches, in the epistemological, axiological, ontological dimensions, etc. Sage publications. Research methods in educational leadership and management. Social Research Methods 4th ed. Of course there can be misapplication of methodological principles in both approaches, which turn them into a bad science regardless of whether it is quantitative or qualitative. On the other hand, quantitative method emphasizes on the use of measurable quantities, mathematical and statistical analysis, computation of the variables, use of surveys and questionnaires. The representation of the data using the quantitative methods also requires special skills such as the use of computer excel program, drawing of graphs which might be lacking in some people.

Either way, the researcher is involved in a qualitative manner at some stage of the project.

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What Are Some Similarities Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research?