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Journalist Eric Schlosserwriting in his book Fast Food Nationbelieves that this is a doctored retelling of the transaction by some McDonald's marketing executives.

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Love Kroc was 52 when he found success with McDonald's. Kroc became increasingly frustrated and decided he wanted control of McDonald's all to himself.

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Kroc's father had made a fortune speculating on land during the s, only to lose everything with the stock market crash in Ethel had opposed his decision to start selling milkshake machines, believing he was giving up a good job and was too old 35 to start a new career.

His main gig, however, was as a paper cup salesman.

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In , Kroc came up with a way to gain even greater control over his franchisees. It was an added expense that he could barely afford. Expanding the Ronald McDonald campaign created by the Washington franchises, the company outfitted the clown with a gaggle of kid-friendly characters such as Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese, and Grimace, a large purple creature who craved shakes and french fries. He revolutionized the American restaurant industry by imposing discipline on the production of hamburgers, french fries, and milk shakes. Ray Kroc was having dinner at the Criterion restaurant and was speaking to the restaurant's owner, who was interested in becoming a McDonald's franchisee. Again, Ray Kroc was looking for a partnership, and he managed to create the most integrated, efficient and innovative supply system in the food service industry. Disney had also lied about his age. There he found a small hamburger stand run by two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald. He believed that college degrees did not teach proper competitive spirit and those who attended university were missing a certain marketing finesse. Deep in hock and with no profit growth in sight, Kroc faced a classic dilemma. Did McDonald's really start out as a drive-in barbecue restaurant?

He then was married to Jane Dobbins Green from toand finally to Joan Mansfield Smith from until his death. That hurts.

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Well… what else do you need?

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The Founder Movie vs True Story of Real Ray Kroc, Dick McDonald