Preface for summer internship report

A token of special thanks to the following people who had been very friendly, co-operated withme throughout my internship period in Servis Sales Corporation and made it possible for me tolearn and gather all the information needed for my internship report with as much detail as Icould.

Preface for engineering internship report

Report shall also elaborate on the the future works which can be persuaded as an advancement of the current work. Furthermore I experienced that it is of importance that the education is objective and that you have to be aware of the view of other people. Heart full thanks for Mr. With these objectives, I have made all possible efforts and the necessary investigations to submit this paper in an enlightened form in a very short time. Mohsin Raza for his cooperative attitude during the completion of my project work. The internship was also good to find out what my strengths and weaknesses are. My internship report would nothave been possible without friendly and helpful attitude of following people. He guided and helped me through timely suggestions, valuable advices and specially the sympathetic attitude, which always inspired me for hard work. I have tried to bridge the gap between theoretical assumptions and practical necessities. He helped and supported me during gathering and analyzing information. Environmental education is not one sided, but it is a way of sharing knowledge, ideas and opinions. I am very grateful to my Project supervisor at Virtual University of Pakistan. From this internship and time management I had to learn how to motivate myself through being in the office for so many hours.

During the entire course of our academic study we remain engaged in theoretical learning where the primary objective is academic success.

I feel great pleasurein expressing my deepest appreciation and heartiest gratitude to my Teachers of Comsats andto the staff of Servis Sales Corporation for their guidance and great help during the internshipperiod.

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One main thing that I have learned through this internship is time management skills as well as self-motivation. I have gained new knowledge, skills and met many new people.

You are on page 1of 4 Search inside document In this internship report I will describe my experiences during my internship period.

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These are the people who in spite of their busy scheduling took time out to explain tome the procedures and mechanics of work in the organization. Report shall also elaborate on the the future works which can be persuaded as an advancement of the current work.

Acknowledgement for internship report

I experienced that financing, as in many organisations, is an important factor for the progress of projects. All praise to Allah, the most merciful, kind and beneficent, and the source of all knowledge, wisdom within and beyond my comprehension. I have chosen Sonali Bank Limited because it is the largest financial organization in Bangladesh, it has a great financial influence over the country, it provides the major portion of funding to some income generating and economic development projects namely, Poverty alleviation, Credit program, and Agro-based Industry Credit programs in the rural areas, it has a large participation in foreign exchange business and off-balance sheet activities. I will continue to work hard in my position and hope to continue to learn about the industry and meet new people. I learned that I needed to b organized and have questions ready for when it was the correct time to get feedback. I have seen that local people can contribute to conservation, for example with their knowledge. I came up with various proposals and ideas that the company is still looking into using.
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Summer internship project report