Non traditional export items of bangladesh on a company

E-mail:shasanbogra1 gmail. There is a special privilege in the cases of non-traditional export items and this is obviously a relatively relaxed competitive market in the overseas countries for these items. Exporters said the government should come forward with a plan of action to increase competitiveness of local products and explore the untapped markets across the world.

Apart from this premier export product, there are other nine top export items that include footwear 2. So, the trade benefits that the country has been enjoying as a low-income country are increasingly coming under threat.

In the present frenziedly packed-up export context, the infinitely huge untapped potentialities of non-traditional items can definitely hold out assurances for ensuring an ever expanding export horizon for Bangladesh in the days to come.

Moreover, other products like fruits and vegetables have great attractions for the buyers of these countries. Besides, prices of local shrimp have been on the climb-down in recent times and competitiveness is eroding due to local currency appreciation while currencies in importing countries are depreciating against the US dollar, he opined.

Non traditional export items in bangladesh

We have a very strong potential in the Chinese. The countries that can successfully read the mindset of the people and correspond accordingly at the right moment can get an upper hand over others in the global export market. Referring to some barriers in export, Niaz said the government should give permission to individual businessman or trading houses to export locally manufacturing products, which, he said, in turns will boost country's export. Against the backdrop of a not-so-promising situation in traditional export markets in recent years, the ministry of finance, according a report published in this paper recently, has asked the MoC to prepare a list of products that could be offered additional cash incentives under the 'new-market expansion category'. One cannot overlook the need for policy support in this respect. Apparel products account for nearly 85 per cent of its aggregate export earnings. Apparel exports increased significantly in last few years mainly because of both its product and market diversifications, he noted. Time is fast running out for a pragmatic and smart policy in the export sector. According to the most of the leading business leaders as well as the entrepreneurs, government should sit with each individual entrepreneur individually and listen to their problems.

However, Bangladesh's export earnings are mostly determined by the export of traditional items like the readymade garment, leather, footwear, jute products and frozen food items. The investment that can ensure the safest profitable returns has to be given the topmost priority.

The list should be widened. Both demand and prices of jute and jute goods witnessed a downturn on the global market, said A Barik Khan, secretary of Bangladesh Jute Mills Association. Non traditional export items of bangladesh on a company Under the projects, issues such as bond system, duty draw-back, subsidies etc.

We have a very strong potential in the Chinese.

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