Nissan green program 2016

One such technology is Nissan's rear camera multi-sensing system, which will debut in To learn more about the Nissan Green Program, please visit www. Second, Nissan is dedicated to providing desirable, safe, reliable and affordable mobility to consumers across the world. And under NGP, we will expand the use of renewables to our global sites beyond current projects, including solar power in Spain and wind power in the U. It is one of the top brands globally. The program will contribute to the achievement of the new medium-term business plan "Nissan M. By fiscal , we will have sold a cumulative 20 million CVT-equipped vehicles, since launch in Improving road safety goes beyond technology to direct, community involvement. Nissan Green Program is focused on three areas: reducing our carbon footprint, shifting to renewable energies, and increasing the diversity of our resources.

In this environment of uncertainty, Nissan must manage its business in a way that balances economic productivity with social responsibility even further. Corporations face many challenges on the path toward sustainability.

Nissan Motor believes that the company can contribute to a sustainable mobile society by improving these aspects.

It is compatible with all Nissan electric vehicles and electric vehicles that were manufactured by other automakers. We aim to realize the establishment of a new relationship among mobility, people and society. In North America, Nissan Motor markets flexible-fuel vehicles — cars that can handle ethanol-based mixtures and not present any kind of problem. He can be reached at shawn watershedcapital. Like all other global automobile manufacturers, Nissan Motors has quickly realized the importance of environmental stewardship and environmental sustainability. We have three areas of focus: sustainability Let me give you some specific examples.

The company will also collaborate actively with NGOs in conserving ecosystems and biodiversity and engage with the next generation. In another example, in April ofNissan Motor started taking part in the Tokachi E10 Trials, which looks to increase the utilization of E10 fuel, which is a biofuels.

Nissan is also in the development process of clean vehicles, including EVs and FCEVs that do not emit carbon dioxide emissions or even exhaust when operated.

The first element is sustainability. Let me give you some specific examples. And to date, Nissan employees have volunteered more than 1, man-days in order to help the rebuilding and relief efforts in the affected areas. This will push us toward our target - which we share with our Alliance partner Renault - of 1.

Nissan green program 2016

Governance initiatives Nissan Sustainability also includes improving the company's governance through enhanced compliance systems. Nissan's leadership role extends to the development of batteries, battery recycling, batteries for domestic and industrial energy storage and car-to-grid power management technologies.

nissan environmental impact

By reintroducing this recyclable material back into the value chain, we significantly reduce the entire carbon and environmental footprint of the vehicle - from start to finish - on a global scale.

Let me now take you through the specifics of the Nissan Green Program As regulations become more stringent each year, consumer needs and interests concerning environmental performance are also changing.

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Nissan announces first sustainability plan with key targets for FY