Nike s csr challenge

Nike come out a new realization. Leadership is another challenge that Nike is facing. What is meant by leadership beyond borders? This kind of leader is only little in existence.

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What does it mean to have an industry open-systems approach to social responsibility? Discuss the meaning and implications of the statement by a Nike representative that consumers are not rewarding us for investment in improved social performance in supply chains.

What parties are involved? Sung Pill Park 5. Yes ,it is possible.

Nike s csr challenge

The fact is not only Nike ,but also other industries are facing these challenges. Yes ,it is possible. It means all the groups of company need to consider social and environment problems. Early this year in the state of Tamilnadu in India, 7 workers died when they were cleaning a tank in a textile dyeing unit, KPR textiles, Perundurai, Erode district. The social and environmental challenges are known and numerous. It should be pointed out that consumer perceptions and concerns can change and a firm can find itself dealing with a successful PR campaign directed toward its practices. For example, leaders in the apparel industry would attempt to extend their influence beyond the company borders in order to deal with the CSR issues. Words: , Paragraphs: 17, Pages: 4 Publication date: March 24, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Its changes the concept of self to the greater good. Answer: It means people who can see across borders created by others,such as the borders of their jobs,and reach across such borders to engage others in dialogue and action to address systemic problems. A second challenge is working conditions. These challenges include lack of support, working conditions and lack of transparency.

The fact is not only Nike ,but also other industries are facing these challenges. A stakeholder is any group or individual that has a vital interest in the doings of the corporation.

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Bishal One of the popular known brands Nike, who manufacture sports and clothing, has more than 50, workers produces shoes through subcontractors. It meant that although Nike improved conditions and outcomes for its employees and sub contractor and that they slightly better working conditions to their third world employees and banned the hiring of children, they thought people in general would buy more stuff from them, just because Nike decided to be a bit nicer to employees and cost them money.

The operation council of the Global Alliance after detailed audit, has commended Nike for the processes introduced, not only in its own operations and among its subcontractors, but also in the rest of the industry.

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Case Study Nike's CSR Challenge