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This has stimulated employees to ask more questions, volunteer more ideas, and challenge their managers more often.

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But before I did, I asked for only one thing from the board: their support to allow me to try nontraditional management approaches. I believe the forward is significantly more exciting than the back. I joined the company based purely on that clarity of intention. Sampark has also signed a MoU with the government of Punjab to improve the quality of education across 7, primary schools impacting 2. Licensed software will go away, and people will pay per use for all software and information technology services. You have committed crore What is the amount of transparency you exhibit? Somebody had to yank out that rearview mirror and say that history was not nearly as relevant as the future. We had done extremely well up until the year , but then we were caught on the wrong foot.

If only, we would stop to listen. It was in contemplating this crucial fourth element that Vineet Nayar had the inspiration in to submit his vision to a drastic makeover. When he first opened the floor to debate in Mr.

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Fromemployees at HCL Tech to 10 million children is x. Arunima, About 3 percent of our employees, the lowest performers, were laid off. In Baramati in Maharashtra, Sampark is working with 2, disadvantaged farmers to focus on crop diversity that will lead to higher income generation.

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Vineet Nayar brings disruptive innovation to social sector