Modeling a bluetooth indoor location system

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Non-radio technologies[ edit ] Non-radio technologies can be used for positioning without using the existing wireless infrastructure.

Identification and segregation[ edit ] In most applications the population of targets is larger than just one. In: Fekete, S. The accuracy depends on the number of positions that have been entered into the database. These coordinates can be used in conjunction with other location techniques for higher accuracy.

Also changing scattering characteristics and multi path signals hinder the performance of AOA navigation techniques. In: Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, pp. Bahl, P. Angle of arrival[ edit ] Angle of arrival AoA is the angle from which a signal arrives at a receiver.

Modeling a bluetooth indoor location system

Whether a sequence of locations determined form a trajectory from the first to the most actual location. Kaemarungsi, K. However, in order to make positioning signals ubiquitous, integration between GPS and indoor positioning can be made. Liu, H. AoA is usually used with triangulation and a known base line to find the location relative to two anchor transmitters. However, proper coverage for the required four satellites to locate a receiver is not achieved with all current designs —11 for indoor operations. Location in one such context can be of great significance for wireless applications. ISDN Syst. The accuracy depends on the number of positions that have been entered into the database. ICANN While Wi-Fi infrastructures are ubiquitous, consumer-oriented Wi- Fi enabled mobile phones have been missing.

Laoudias, C. Statistical methods then serve for smoothing the locations determined in a track resembling the physical capabilities of the object to move. Papamanthou, C. Sig, B.

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Because radio waves propagate according to the inverse-square lawdistance can be approximated based on the relationship between transmitted and received signal strength the transmission strength is a constant based on the equipment being usedas long as no other errors contribute to faulty results.


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Indoor positioning system