Methods of qualitative of data collection

Thus, we can safely say that there are two major classifications or categories of data collection methods: the quantitative data collection methods and the qualitative data collection methods.

data analysis in qualitative research

The interviewer continued to listen and let her tell her story. See chapter 4 on in-depth interviews.

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Qualitative Data Collection Methods Exploratory in nature, these methods are mainly concerned at gaining insights and understanding on underlying reasons and motivations, so they tend to dig deeper.

This article provides background for those who will encounter this methodology in their reading rather than instructions for carrying out such research.

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Computer-assisted interviews. Emerson, R. The paper examines each method in detail, focusing on how they work in practice, when their use is appropriate and what they can offer dentistry. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. The study aimed to gather data on the characteristics of gifted children — and how they grow and develop — over their lifetime. You need to be self-reflexive all the time, controlling your reactions and showing the right level of empathy. They are also useful in generating a rich understanding of participants' experiences and beliefs. Instead of a paper and a pen, they will be using a computer screen and the mouse. Interviews Personal one-on-one interviews may also be used for gathering quantitative data. Frambach, J. Even at a very young age, we are in search for answers to a lot of things. Theoretical sampling thus is not suggested by existing literature or theory but by your own data.

They are also useful in generating a rich understanding of participants' experiences and beliefs. Since they cannot be quantified, measurability becomes an issue.

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Within seconds during the interview, you have to decide whether it is ok to ask a clarifying question or leaving it to the interpretation phase to gain a better comprehension.

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5 Data Collection Methods for Obtaining Quantitative and Qualitative Data