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As a major convention center and water park open in nearby Fairchild, we will focus our attention on becoming the recognized provider of pizza to that establishment. The Metro Texan is popular both with locals and tourists, and has a distribution from 18, to 30, depending on the season. Digital pizza marketing is cheaper, more measurable, and way better bang for your buck. The customer's name, address, ordering history, preferred method of payment, etc. Look for opportunities to sponsor or participate in fundraising programs at your local school, church, service organizations and sports teams. In a world of cardboard cutout copies of copies, this is a terrific way of standing out from every other pizza place in town. And from there, Facebook can recognize that person on Facebook and show them your ad, just for them. Instead of just saying how big your pizza is, explain in glowing terms how that pizza will make them feel, after they lick the melting mozzarella from their lips and sigh in contentment. To develop good business strategies, perform a SWOT analysis of your business. Also, we will advertise with the fax by hooking up a modem to the computer. Along with low prices, free toppings and free soda are effective sales boosters. To stay top-of-mind requires an ongoing conversation on relevant topics in addition to the regular posting of specials and deals that customers see. Deauville residents frequent the video rental store adjacent to the restaurant. It pays to handle customer issues. Online Reputation To attract new business, your reputation is the 2nd most important thing.

If you can deliver good quality food consistently and provide decent customer service, you will have a loyal customer base for a very long time. How the money will be used is covered in detail in the balance of this business plan.

Business plan for pizza franchise

It matters for normal people searching for you too, as your name address and phone number will be the main three things they want to know about you wherever they find you online. Now your turn: Go and put these pizza marketing ideas into practice! Creating a mobile app for your business provides your loyal customers a convenient way to order and drive up repeat business. Your delivery staff needs to be on call. Of course, the free publicity and local recognition factor goes without mentioning, but another benefit is a positive image within the community. The bottom half—inch of the flyer will always be blank. Our advantages being lower fixed expenses, a superior ad campaign, a better pizza and the best service. And use it in every bit of marketing you can too, that way everyone will associate that point of difference with you, and you alone. The magnet will look like a pizza and will have our name and phone number printed on it. Every week, hide a few of these around the restaurant. As your business grows, your kitchen staff and front desk need to have great communication and have systems in place to deal with multiple orders. Every single person in the Corpus Christi area is a potential customer and a target of our marketing campaign.

Sit down and think about what you could come up with that will get tongues wagging and then bathe in the warm glow of social media adoration! Then, possibly a price war with Frank's. Begin work on a second location in the early part of This will be an ongoing relationship that will not only increase tourism sales but boost our image within the community.

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This is not a new concept. Most people will find their favorite and stick with that one for a long time. Our hours of operation will be between 11am until midnight 2am on weekends.

Marketing plan for pizzeria

Specific terms of the lease have yet to be discussed. Your customers all use different social platforms, so it is important to be on more than one. His experience includes starting, from the ground up, an upscale deli at the Hilton in Corpus Christi. Non—holiday weekends, between 7pm and 1am, we figure on 10 pizzas per hour. Enable Repeat Visits People are creatures of habit when it comes to ordering pizza. For quite a while, Corpus Christi has had only one pizza deliverer who charges for a delivery which takes an average of one hour. We are not projecting significant change in the product line, or in the proportion between different lines. For the next year, we continue to focus on a growing presence in the community and advertising heavily throughout the community. Paid-for pizza marketing nirvana is only a Google away. Slice and Dice with Other Restaurants Stop, collaborate and listen. He has experience as revenue auditor for restaurant, casino and hotel operations. Also, we will need to purchase a computer. Having a special themed night will bring in people from all walks of life, and many of them may be brand new customers. Frequent buyer cards will be employed to entice repeat customers.

The growth forecast is assumed given this is a new product for the area using new channels of availability. Equipment The kitchen is fully equipped but lacks a pizza oven, large mixer, and a few miscellaneous items.

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Television ads have been considered but have yet to be proven effective in the area due to limited cable subscribers.

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The Best Pizza Marketing Ideas That Work (Mostly Free)