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In my opinion the winning of this kite tournament symbolises a change for the better in their relationship. Throughout the novel, the author uses many powerful symbols to represent the complexity of love that many experience in relationships. At the kite tournament they must work as a seamless, synchronised team to defeat the other players. From the start of the novel, Hassan was used by others as a means of redemption and reconciliation with other characters. Then it becomes a reminder of his childhood memories with Hassan. Both Hassan and Sohrab are innocents who are figuratively sacrificed by being raped, but these sacrifices have very different meanings. Again, Hassan acts as a lamb, sacrificed for the benefit of Amir and the relationship between him and his father. Why does the cleft lip reveal the tragedy of a broken friendship? Thesis Statement: The symbolism of the kite, the cleft lip and the lamb has a great importance for the depth of the novel. In their relationship, kites seem to symbolise a way a connecting and bonding with Baba. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. What was so funny was that, for the first time since the winter of , I felt a peace.

Ironically, in chapter 8, Hassan sacrifices himself by squashing pomegranates on his own head, proving that even at the tree, the caste system applies. When these attempts failed and Amir still could not forgive himself, he was forced to manipulate his father into making Hassan leave the house so that he would not have to see Hassan again and be reminded of his mistake.

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Throughout the novel, the author uses many powerful symbols to represent the complexity of love that many experience in relationships. In an attempt to rescue Sohrab, Amir unknowingly redeemed himself from his mistake-laden past.

He moves to a tougher type of love when Hassan moves to a totally silent type of love towards Amir and this theme is also present in the story and makes and difference in what happens and what could happen He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan on May 4, Amir, the main character grew up in a wealthy home in Afghanistan with his father Baba.

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Later, when Amir also gets a scar on his lip — it becomes a symbol of the fact that they are half-brothers and are alike. But as time passes one get the opportunity to atone for what has been done and the other one get the chance to forgive.

Postcard portrays the confronting and lingering attributes of incomplete journeys With their betrayals came feelings of guilt. In my opinion this makes the novel interesting and intriguing to read as a whole.

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This lip always reminds Amir that Hassan belong to a different social group. At this point the kite is no longer a negative symbol because he redeemed himself to Hassan by saving Sohrab. This could be seen as being symbolic of their friendship at this point, being permanent and inerasable; it is physically engraved into the tree. This sent him into a downward spiral of cruel attacks on Hassan in an attempt to force the same angry reaction out of Hassan. Any type of essay. A matured perspective is developed when the features of a journey significantly affect us. We can look at what these symbols represent and how they help develop the central concerns of guilt and redemption and the loyalty of friendship. While reading the novel The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini uses the theme of always being expected who to be played a lot in the book. Both in Islam and in Christianity, the lamb signifies the sacrifice of an innocent.

Khaled Hosseini brings his characters to life eloquently. The second symbol that is significant in this text in relation to the two themes is the kites.

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Kite Runner Symbolism Essay Example