How to write a curriculum vitae for job application

Why Use a CV Template? Don't put the term 'curriculum vitae' at the top of the page.

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Include summaries of your employment and education, rather than lots of details. A CV may also include professional references, as well as coursework, fieldwork, hobbies and interests relevant to your profession.

Sample of cv for job application

To ensure your CV runs across the preferred two pages only include the main points of your education and experience. Again, just to reiterate, a resume is generally one page long, whereas a CV is as long as you need it to be to thoroughly cover all the information you will be including. For publications, provide a full citation including your co-authors, date, summary, volume, page, DOI number. To save space make sure that you only include relevant information and don't repeat information provided in your cover letter. First impressions count, especially when applying for jobs. Awards and honors. In Europe, the Middle East, Africa, or Asia, employers may expect to receive a curriculum vitae rather than a resume. Section headings are a good way to break up your CV. Profile - Placed at the beginning of the CV, a profile is a concise statement that highlights your key attributes or reasons for deciding to work in a particular field. You can draw attention to a particular part of your CV, disclose a disability or clarify gaps in your work history. Ensure they stand out by making them larger size 14 or 16 and bold. When to Use a Curriculum Vitae Instead of a Resume In the United States, a curriculum vitae is used when applying for academic, education, scientific, or research positions.

Are you an expert in your field and thus find yourself speaking at conferences, panels or symposiums? Every time you accomplish something, you add that to your CV. A Curriculum Vitae can also be requested when an individual is applying for grants, scholarships, and in some cases, internships as well.

This way, employers will know to whom it belongs.

how to write a cv for university
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Curriculum Vitae (CV) Samples and Writing Tips