Housing is a human right

The result is that in most instances where the state is found to be violating Article 26 of the South African constitution, little, sometimes nothing, is done to remedy the breach.

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These children must face the fear, stigma, social instability, and the danger of living in these conditions. The BOS implemented only one of the eight recommendations, partly implemented three, did not implement two, had no jurisdiction over one, and considered the Homeless Issue Task Force to be addressing one.

We are also actively collaborating with municipalities in supporting and developing legislation; including, the development of bond measures that contribute to the long-term solutions of ending Homelessness in Orange County.

Comparative perspectives offer some limited guidance.

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Rather, as defined by General Comment No. The experience of homelessness impacts more than the right to housing as economic and social exclusion also impinge on rights to education, liberty and security, social security, freedom from discrimination, and even the right to vote.

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The right must be interpreted in accordance with Article 2 2 of the ICESCR and therefore must not be subject to any form of discrimination. In fact, most homeless defy stereotypes and represent a cross section of the overall population.

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In doing so, it would give the courts the ability to hear complaints about socio-economic rights and, where necessary, provide effective remedies. For instance, residents must have access to safe drinking water, heating and lighting, washing facilities, means of food storage, and sanitation. Guidance was given by the Constitutional Court of South Africa in the famous Grootboom case : Housing entails more than bricks and mortar. Placing the chronically homeless in Permanent Supportive Housing PSH , which combines subsidized housing with access to supportive services, has proved particularly effective. When that storm occurs, it is usually law enforcement that must deal with the consequences. The physical safety of residents must be guaranteed, as well. Everyone has a right to a home and it is our job—and that of other agencies, government, philanthropists, corporates and more—to make that happen. This right must be provided to all persons irrespective of income or access to economic resources. Merely legislating in a manner that purports to embody socio-economic rights does not necessarily result in their greater realisation. Services cannot be expanded to meet the need as long as the County assigns seniors a low priority in the annual budget process. These include: legal security of tenure; availability of services; affordability; habitability; accessibility; location; and cultural adequacy.
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Right to housing