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As quantitative researchers documenting the pacifying effects of democracy and trade have found again and again for example, Oneal and Russett; Russett and Onealpower balances matter, too.

Impact of globalization on international politics

Many international conferences have been held, a large number of approaches have been adopted, and scores of studies has been produced, but not much has been achieved. Prati and A. Over the years, globalization has become a major trend and most successful businesses have been globalized. An Asian statesman understood the capitalist peace intuitively even before it was scientifically documented and established. There is now strong evidence that inequality lowers both the level and the durability of growth Ostry et al. Muller, Edward N. References Ghosh, Atish, J. New York: McGraw-Hill. Beer, with Shannon Sanchez-Terry. That is why globalization in its current formula does not necessarily ensure social and political stability, and therefore will not lead to a more peaceful world, particularly if market forces continue to dominate the mechanisms of power without restrictions. The three main components of globalization - goods, labour, and capital - are associated with different costs and benefits. Now Taiwan is a democracy, and the mainland remains an autocracy.

As argued earlier, international trade by itself reduces the risk of war between trading nations. Open markets in rich countries for exports from poor countries generate credibility for free-market institutions and policies. Third, no one should believe that trade and democracy, or the capitalist peace, suffice to explain the presence or absence of military disputes and war.

European and Japanese agricultural markets and Western textile and garment markets demonstrate the most persistent unwillingness of rich countries to provide a helping hand to poor countries. Whereas European assistance to poor countries is provided by governments for the most part, U. Chamon and M.

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Popper, Karl R. Weede, Erich. The WTO under Fire.

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Equity Distribution: The benefits of globalization can be unfairly skewed towards rich nations or individuals, creating greater inequalities and leading to potential conflicts both nationally and internationally as a result. Moreover, the democratization component of the capitalist-peace strategy requires overcoming arbitrary and autocratic rule.

Camilleri, Joseph A. Because globalization adds to competitive pressure, however, it causes resentment, and because globalization springs from technological innovation and political decisions that promote free trade, these innovations and decisions attract resentment, too.

Political effects of globalization in developing countries

Although many trade blocs were established and many industrial and economic nations have emerged as a response to this process, the rules of this process have contributed to the collapse of many national economies. However, globalization is not just a recent idea. Until recently the mainland and Taiwan considered themselves to be parts of China. If we are to reflect upon the credit and debit sides of the process, we would realize that whatever advantages have come out of it, they are to a large extent accompanied with unintended effects of a process the basic motivation of which is the expansion of market economies, the accumulation of wealth and the maximization of profits. This finding does not necessarily imply that democracies fight fewer wars than do other regimes. The Tragedy of Great Power Politics. Global labor standards are an important example of such pressure. Some form of globalization may be inevitable over the long-run, but the historic bumps spurred by economic crises and other consequences suggest the only reliable constant is change. Yaapar, 2 Regardless of these stands, it is wrong to view the process from an economic perspective only because it is increasingly involving political, cultural and technological fields and is remarkably being reinforced by the huge development of communications and information technologies. This could lead unenthusiastically to marginalizing many local cultures. The world is already globalized enough that national resistance does limited damage. This process might result in growing volatility of earnings and income inequality, as in the United States, or high unemployment, as in much of Continental Europe.

Chicago: Chicago University Press.

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