Financial effects of cancer diagnosis

economic impact of lung cancer

Still, the impact of these national policies is largely unknown. Questions were allotted to a classification of six self-developed conceptual subdomains. Financial counsellors provide a free service to their clients; they are not allowed to charge fees or commissions.

In contrast, the subjective financial impact understood as the consequence of cost concerns on the individual patient has gained interest only in recent years. Among records screened, 41 publications based on 40 studies matched inclusion criteria.

financial burden of breast cancer

We did a systematic literature search on studies that provide data on perceived cancer-related financial distress experienced by adult patients using PubMed, CINAHL and Web of Science databases up to The financial impact of cancer is different for each person and will depend on the cancer type, stage and treatment, as well as your financial situation before the diagnosis.

Two authors JW, RL independently reviewed abstracts of the studies, and three authors collectively made decisions about whether studies should be included or excluded when there was no consensus on the first review JW, RL, BS.

financial toxicity in cancer patients
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Measuring Financial Toxicity After Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment