Etops authorization

etops maintenance requirements

The minute rule requires two-engine airliners to stay within 60 minutes of an airport. Different regulations govern over-water flights.

By then, only two-engined jets were restricted by the minute rule. This chart is custom printed for my airline; the ETOPS circles are the correct minute no-wind distance for our Boeing aircraft. The minute rule was waived in for three-engined aircraft, which opened the way for the development of wide-bodyintercontinental trijetssuch as the Lockheed L Tristar and DC Whereas other communication systems e.

Using different colored highlighters is not only fun, but makes the chart easy to read. A noteworthy change is the addition of the term "ETOPS alternate airport," which is an adequate airport i.

For ETOPS at or below minutes, which only involves twinjets, this cargo fire suppression requirement is based on maximum diversion time in still air plus 15 minutes, as was previously the case.

Inthe FAA "minute rule" restricted twin-engine aircraft to a minute diversion area, based on the piston engine reliability of the time, with flexibility beyond with special approval. ETOPS was first introduced in Passenger recovery plan? ETOPS twinjets have been required since to carry sufficient fire suppressant to protect the airplane continuously throughout a maximum-duration diversion.

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Southwest Gets Partial ETOPS Approval, But Can't Begin Yet