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Harry then decides to attend a conference hosted by the ACA which will address the Code of the Ethics and the Standards of Practice in detail. She completed her practicum while working in a treatment facility for troubled children and adolescents, and her internship was done at a privately owned psychiatric hospital for adults. At the same time, it would have to be understood by both of us that the possibility of future therapy would be out of the question and that any such requirements would be directed to an able colleague. Case Four You have worked for several years with a man who has a history of rejection by women. Such an exchange does not require direct consent from the client and is only limited to such clinical information. All rights reserved. If the therapy sessions are ongoing and no information of an immediate emergency has come to light, it would not be pertinent to the process to open and read the letter. To avoid further legal complications that would include an undefined region between privileged information obtained during the psychological evaluation and knowledge on issues pertaining to the prior relationship; I would opt not to take on the case of the close friend. Such a professional relationship could serve beneficial to both parties involved and especially to the student who may seek professional help from an individual he may trust. The friendship created in the process may become unpleasant due to other unrelated issues and in such a situation, will cause issues dealt with during therapy to resurface and negatively affect the client. By providing the client with all the information about the situation as well as resources at their disposal, it would also be important for the therapist to convince the client to address the situation at hand and seek further help for it. Please explain which ethical codes are relevant to the preceding cases. The client would for one, be required to provide an account of events leading to the sexual abuse as well as the actual violations involved. However, it is important to understand that accepting such items leaves the therapist vulnerable to a wide array of legal and ethical charges.

The receptionist never disclosed what was being discussed in wife A session; however, her inadvertent breach of confidentiality occurred the moment she divulged the fact that wife A is a patient at a mental health facility. Use your text and class notes as a reference to determine what theoretical approach can assist you in providing an explanation to the reasons why the following individuals have the coping mechanisms and behavior that they do.

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Case Nine You have a private practice and teach graduate students who are studying to become mental health professionals. Pruitt Liberty University Abstract Professional counselors deal with many legal and ethical issues in the course of treating clients. What should you do when, shortly after treatment has terminated, the client calls and suggests that you purchase season tickets for a series of theatrical performances? My professional expertise may be considered biased and should therefore be directed at providing emotional support, information and suggestions on an emergency support basis if required. Harry then seeks out several other school guidance counselors in his area and asks them to meet with him to discuss how the Code of Ethics is incorporated into their practices. Case Study 4 Harry is a school guidance counselor who is just got a job at a large public high school. To avoid further legal complications that would include an undefined region between privileged information obtained during the psychological evaluation and knowledge on issues pertaining to the prior relationship; I would opt not to take on the case of the close friend. If you decide not to attend, how would you address this with your client? Should you open and read it?

The client should then be directed to addressing how to improve his quality of life by working on any issues of depression and anxiety that may have influenced his decision. This paper analysis two case vignette.

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Identify all the major issues with each scenario. She was surprised to find that most of the clients who came to see her were young women who suffered primarily from eating disorders and relationship problems.

To avoid any misunderstandings with the client, it would be important for me to address these issues with him in a professional context, kindly thank him for the offer and politely decline to attend the wedding.

At the same time, liaising with other health providers offering the client his treatment would be important in providing a professional assessment of the risks involved in ceasing undergoing treatment.

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However, even with such legalities in check, such an association would leave several ethical issues still not dealt with that would negatively affect the individual therapy. Cynthia had already invested quite a bit of money into her private practice, and was determined to make it work, regardless of the type of clients she had to treat.

Case Two You have a client who has adjusted a very busy schedule in order to be able to attend therapy sessions. As a result, the emotional involvement with my friend will probably bring about the question of possible bias towards the client when making an assessment of the situation.

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Most therapists will clearly define remuneration procedures to the client before treatment and will usually decline or forms of payment or gratitude outside the specifications of these agreements.

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