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Throughout the novel, there is a constant tension between action and inaction.

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It not only suggests the capacity for children to heal and move forward easily, but it also presents undertones of a time period that is too painful to describe.

She has also known a life before Room, so will feel the loss of her freedom especially acutely. Additionally, it enhances the feelings of alienation that are inevitable when entering the real world. Room appears to be a novel based on stagnancy and how Ma cannot escape from physical and mental prisons.

Everything is so new that seemingly normal activities are sensationalised to such an extreme.

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However, Jack will face difficulties in establishing himself within society and will have to get used to adjustments such as social interaction, sensory modulation, and spatial perception. This particular activity, above all the others, is especially significant.

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The focus would perhaps have been more on the psychological side, and less on what Jack gives us; he records what he sees, and the simple emotions it makes him feel, without the further complications of an adult psyche. He cannot distinguish between reality and pretend, as he has never seen any of the images in real life.

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It is only through this return that he and Ma can then move forward. Besides, having an affair with a married woman conflicts with his essentially middle-class values. It is with this ending that the reader is almost reassured. The answer is no; the cage will not become larger until the hamster is able to move to a different environment. In Room, Donoghue uses the five-year-old Jack as the narrative perspective. Flaubert uses the ugly details of realism to show his dislike for the bourgeoisie. Back in the carriage, Emma does her best to stay poised. As Jack encounters a new world, the reader simultaneously discovers it, drawn back again and again to a reminder of how this experience would affect a scared, small child. In her mind, Jack should love the freedom of the outside. When the party goes to Box Hill, away from Highbury, there is tension and the trip is not enjoyed. Therefore, this narration is perhaps the only technique that Donoghue could have employed for them to have simply walked out the door. This leaves significant room for the elder Madame Bovary to subject Emma to a plethora of criticism. New Ending for Madame Bovary Essay words - 6 pages. By the effect of society bourgeois, Emma has little self-arrogant.
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