Essay on eid festivals in pakistan

Festivities continue till late night, and in some towns a popular fair or Mela is held for recreational purpose.

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There are about four million people of Pakistani descent living abroad. It is customary for almost everyone to wear new dress.

While, there are different religion sectors that follow many other festivals following their ancestors. Nearly half a million expatriates live in the United States; while one million live in Saudi Arabia and nearly one million in the United Kingdom.

Eid ul Fitr This beautiful festivale is celebrating on 1st shawal, after the islamic month Ramadan. They also can receive clothes or gifts. Festivals are very previous and every country should promote them in a healthy way inducing knowledge to young generation.

This eid brings a lot of colors and everyone prepare new clothes for this eid. People visit family and friends and share gifts and sweets.

Also as an additional treat, a variety of dishes are cooked.

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Eid begins with a special prayer in all cities towns and villages, people make special dishes for the Eid which are mostly Sweets and deserts of different types specially Vermicelli Eid preparations usually start with the beginning of Ramadan and continue throughout the month.

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