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They too would be further developed and maintained. To the characters in the play, lack of money is the root of all evil.

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It would be a place free from all kinds of crime and exploitation. Even those who are well-qualified are expected to look after their family post marriage rather than working outside. Get Essay I dream of such a glorious and wonderful India in the days to come. People should have a sound economic standard. Every eligible person would have a job according to his aptitude and ability. People are also looked down upon because of their caste and religious preferences in many parts of the country. A day is not far off when I would be fortunate enough to see this glorious India sparkling with the noble ideals of peace, high economic standards, political stability, social harmony, international recognition, etc. Corruption Corruption is one of the main reasons why India is unable to grow at the speed at which it should. India was once called the golden sparrow because of the prosperity it enjoyed. We have dreamed to the Indian as the sweet little golden bird. All this will be a past history. The great A. We have provided useful essays on India of My Dreams. I also want India to see advancements in the field of science, technology, agriculture and education in the times to come.

Develop trade and commerce. I also dream of India as being a nation where every citizen is educated.

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We are proud to be an Indian. Freedom of expression Every people have right to freedom of speech and, they have to utilize it because it is more compulsory to express their problems with some judiciary. All should respect them. None would die due to paucity of medical facilities. Agriculture would no longer be dependent on favourable weather conditions anywhere in India. The transport system is also excellent in the India. About forty percent of her population are below the poverty line, and each of them fails to get even two meals a day. India of my dreams would be a place where every citizen enjoys true freedom of equality.

The satisfy of the human quest for further knowledge and the betterment, welfare, and service of mankind. They will never indulge in petty quarrels. My dream project is to build one big bedroom and a separate portion for tenancy purpose on the first floor of my house in India.

This will turn our human population into human resources. Everyone have to be aware of the Indian people.

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India of My Dreams