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You need all of these: a. If working through short problems is how you like to study, this book is for you. Applies especially where there is no contract but someone has paid something.

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Parties may argue that extrinsic evidence should come in to explain what a promise meant — consider Plain Meaning Rule. Also a good overview of the UCC, how it originated, and what it does and does not cover. Gives plaintiff the benefit of the bargain. Irma S.

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Contracts 14th ed. Z9 E CrunchTime Series Like all of the CrunchTime guides, this one is set up like an outline, making for easy reading and a less intimidating look. This book is helpful if you want to place contract law in the grand scheme of things and understand why contracts operate the way they do. Though not the types of questions that would appear on an exam, the FAQs and sidebars apply contract law to real life and explain the history of the rules why certain standards still exist. The FAQs address common and practical questions. My contracts class is very focused on the difference between the UCC and the Restatement and our professor expects us to be able to cite to both. Also a good overview of the UCC, how it originated, and what it does and does not cover. Go to moral obligation. Most of the lessons score you as you go, so you can see which questions you are getting right and wrong. The flowcharts can get a bit crazy lots and lots of arrows but are worth glancing over, especially the parol evidence rule chart. If no consideration, go to reliance. Russell, and Barbara K. Contracts 5th ed.

Kelly KF Unforeseeable Hadley v. R87 Mastering Series The Mastering series is structured basically like a textbook, not formatted as an outline. Highly recommend this book.

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Go to moral obligation.

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1L Contracts Exam Outline Checklist Attack Sheet