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Population Clock and extensive use of the data sets from the Census to further underscore their hypotheses and key findings underscoring the need for multigenerational marketing and the development of a more lifecycle-based approach to managing products from the customer's perspective Williams, Page, Petrosky, Hernandez, Table 3.

A business which fulfills the customer needs with satisfaction very well is more successful than its competitors as satisfied buyers tend to make a repetitive purchase. They studied companies using fixed effect model of panel data analysis. A lot of consumers go online to run further research after the purchase.

The data collection instrument is secondary research of previously published studies and the individual demographics of respondents are age, gender, profession, income and psychographics including their perceptions of threats, risks, opportunities and potential for personal growth. They examined how emotional responses are generated, after watching effective advertisement they persuaded consumers purchasing behaviour.

Study methodologies, data collection instruments used, organizational and individual demographics, and study limitations are all discussed.

Latif and Abideen argued that advertising have the potential to contribute to brand choice among consumers.

Given the imprecise nature of the survey that wasn't possible however. This model according to Adelaar et al, defines media which provides information that is represented by the combination of sound, sight and touch sources. Implicit in multi-generational shifts occurring in markets is the rapidly changing series of customer expectations, demands for more unique and differentiated customer experiences, and the need on the part of marketers to seek out differentiation in every aspect of their business models.

They found that there is a simultaneous relationship between advertising and consumption but not in a unidirectional.

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Consumer Buying Behavior Research Paper