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Which decisions had the worst impact? The teacher kept a journal of his thoughts about the gameplay.

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It can also be used as an extended learning activity for early finishers. In taking advantage of this conflict during one of the early gameplay session when students had just obtained a worker unit, the teacher immediately recommended that the worker begin building roads. Given this study, teachers might want to consider using games such as Civilization III in whole class learning activities. Discussions ranged from type of unit to create to decisions such as trade, construction projects, relations with other nations, and movement of units. Game difficulty still only determines how much of a handicap or advantage AI opponents get in terms of build efficiency and military strength; it doesn't actually improve AI algorithms to feature better strategic decisions. Over the course of all the gameplay episodes in the semester, all of the students got multiple opportunities to control the game. Describe how your civilization interacted with other civilizations around it. Shaffer, D. In our analysis of the data, four gameplay stances emerged, aggressive, cautious, cooperative, and competitive. What do the names of the ages in Rise of Nations tell us about the biases of the game?

The teacher was interviewed on two occasions also using a semi-structured interview protocol Appendix Two. For example, students disagreed about how much time and effort to put into road building. The class was unsuccessful in their conflict and in a second more extended game, they pursued a non-aggressive path.

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A process adapted from Miles and Huberman was used to code the data by reducing data to meaningful segments and assigning representative codes for each segment of data. Hands-on History Overview: This project centers on using these games as a primary tool in teaching historical concepts.

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He wrote in his journal after each class period when the game was played. Gee, J. The teacher asked students what was going on in Washington. How does the best political system compare with the background of the designers? Luckily, none of these titles are particularly taxing for modern systems, but large classes may have difficulties securing enough machines for in-class projects. Which decisions had the worst impact? I did two units with my students and even with 6th graders at the end of the year, they were engaged and on task. Some example prompts include: How did geographical features impact your decisions about where to place new cities? Several mentioned the problem with locating Washington in a low-lying area. In response, increasing numbers of educators are incorporating games into classrooms including social studies related games such as Civilization, Sim City, and Making History Holzberg, ; Smith, ; Trotter,

One student said that the city was in disorder because the people were not happy and were dying. In summary, playing Civilization III does appear to reinforce concepts learned in class and evidence does exist that transfer of knowledge from gameplay did occur among the students.

Given that much of gameplay described in this study emerged in ways that could not be predicted, the teacher had to be flexible and willing to adapt.

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