Case study on asthma management

Wechsler, MD, MMSc This case presents a patient with poorly controlled asthma that remains refractory to treatment despite use of standard-of-care therapeutic options. Family and friends can also help by understanding what triggers her asthma so that they can avoid exposing her to perfumes, pollens or pets that risk triggering her symptoms.

Her vitals were stable with a heart rate of 76 bpm, a temperature of Computed tomography also revealed a nodular lesion at the same location. Device use will be reassessed and the PAAP reviewed.

Albuterol case study

Goals are more likely to be achieved when they are specific, important to patients, collaboratively set and there is a belief that these can be achieved. Learning Objective At the completion of this application-based activity, pharmacists will be able to: Given patient cases, discuss evidence-based care plans for patients with asthma. Therefore, he was switched to a combination inhaled steroid and long-acting beta-agonist LABA fluticasone propionate mcg and salmeterol 50 mcg, one puff twice a day by his primary care doctor. T continued to have symptoms. She had had a severe asthma attack at that time, during which her wheezing was not well correlated with physical exercise and had persisted for several months. Inhaled corticosteroids except ciclesonide should be initially used twice daily, however, the same total daily dose can be considered once a day if good control is established. The treatment summary Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs describes how any degree of worsening of asthma may be related to the ingestion of NSAIDs, either prescribed or purchased over the counter, and this potential cause should be excluded. She will continue to use her salbutamol inhaler as required and contact you if her symptoms persist. For further information, see How BNF publications are constructed.

During an asthma review, there is an opportunity to work with the patient to try to identify what triggers their symptoms and any actions that may help improve or maintain control.

As his bronchoscopy was negative, it was determined that a course of antibiotics would not be an effective treatment option for this patient.

uncontrolled asthma

As part of accreditation, the school requires that each child with asthma should have a written PAAP prepared by their doctor to assist trained staff in managing a child with asthma at school. The practice should have protocols in place, underpinned by specific training to support asthma self-management.

Case study on asthma management

A software package, developed in the UK, can be downloaded and used to generate a pictorial PAAP within the consultation. Asthma can affect the whole family, and ways were explored that could help her family understand why it is important that she finds time in the busy domestic schedules to take her regular medication.

pediatric asthma nursing case study
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BNF Case Study, June Asthma