An introduction to the issue of air pollution in todays society

As we discovered in the last section, air pollution means different problems at different scales—in other words, it's not one single problem but many different ones.

Air pollution is considered as the major environmental risk factor in the incidence and progression of some diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, ventricular hypertrophy, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, psychological complications, autism, retinopathy, fetal growth, and low birth weight.

Effects of air pollution on environment

Well you do now! Do you know an innovative company developing efficient solutions? Indoor Air Pollution The air quality around and within buildings and structures is known as indoor air quality. In fact, the abundance of carbon dioxide in the air is one of the causes of the greenhouse effect. And, unless you open the windows regularly, those pollutants aren't going anywhere fast: Detergents and household cleaners, aerosol sprays , shoe polish, hair wax, paints , and glues are just a few of the everyday chemicals that can release air pollution into your home. Last updated: November 17, And a variety of efforts aim to bring cleaner cooking options to places where hazardous cookstoves are prevalent. Major air pollutants Major primary air pollutants, which can have effects as both directly and precursors of secondary air pollutants chemicals are formed as a result of reactions between primary pollutants and other elements in the atmosphere , include the following [ 19 — 21 ]. From anthropogenic aspect, air contamination occurs from industrial and agricultural activities, transportation, and energy acquisition.

SO2 reduces the amount of oxygen in the water causing the death of marine species including both animals and plants. Lead and heavy metals: Lead and other toxic "heavy metals" can be spread into the air either as toxic compounds or as aerosols when solids or liquids are dispersed through gases and carried through the air by them in such things as exhaust fumes and the fly ash contaminated waste dust from incinerator smokestacks.

An introduction to the issue of air pollution in todays society

According to a recent report, SO2, NO2, and O3, respectively, have caused about additional , , and cases of total mortality in Particulate matter smaller than 10 micrometers classified as PM10 and the even smaller PM2. That's because carbon dioxide is the most common of the greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. In the upper respiratory tract, the first effect is irritation, especially in trachea which induces voice disturbances. Read more in our main article about global warming and climate change. The only trouble was, Earth is a much smaller place than we think and pollution doesn't always disappear so conveniently. The gas is emitted when vehicles burn gasoline and when kerosene and wood stoves are used to heat homes. Just remember that there's pollution inside your home as well as outside and keep the building well ventilated. Although smog can happen in any busy city, it's a particular problem in places such as Los Angeles where the local climate influenced by the ocean and neighboring mountains regularly causes what's known as a temperature inversion. By reducing its own carbon footprint, the health sector can show how climate change mitigation produces concrete health benefits. Rather than driving a car or riding a motorcycle, you can ride a bicycle or walk to perform errands. The agency recorded 15 percent more days with unhealthy air in the country in and compared to the average from to

Burning fossil fuels is the primary source of both climate-warming emissions and health-damaging air pollution.

Unpublished data show that a motorcycle produces air pollution 60 times more than a standard car.

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Human Causes of Air Pollution Human activities have been highlighted as the major causes of air pollution, especially in the cities. If you're worried about wasting energy by opening windows on cold days, there are systems that can let air into a building without letting the heat escape, known as heat-recovery ventilation.

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Do you know an innovative company developing efficient solutions? Imagine how much media coverage there would be if several million people that's roughly the population of Houston, Texas or the West Midlands conurbation in England were killed in a terrorist incident or an earthquake.

In the U. Particulate matter PM and ozone O3 pollution are major causes of concern in the community. Other successful international laws include the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollutionwhich has helped to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from power plants and, of course, the Montreal Protocolwhich successfully brought countries together to target ozone depletion.

The health effects of PM depend on several factors, including the size and composition of the particles, the level and duration of exposure, and the gender, age and sensitivity of the exposed individual.

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Solutions to air pollution: how to improve air quality?