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The novel draws considerable inspiration from historical events. Johnson describes how contemporary society tends to make the casualties and experience of war more abstract, making it hard for non-combatants to imagine the losses.

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Rivers suggests that Sassoon has the freedom to disagree with the war. Sassoon refers to Edward Carpenter 's writing on sexuality The Intermediate Sexand it is implied that Sassoon is a homosexual because he states that such works made him feel normal about his sexuality.

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Billy Prior gives her that angle. We are first introduced to Robert Graves on page five, where he meets with a very good friend Siegfried Sassoon in the lounge of the Exchange Hotel. When he wrote his letter, he assumed he would either end up back in battle or locked in jail. Sassoon refers to Edward Carpenter 's writing on sexuality The Intermediate Sex , and it is implied that Sassoon is a homosexual because he states that such works made him feel normal about his sexuality. Caught in a storm, he and Sarah have sex while sheltering in a bush. Each of them is — was — as much a real person as the two great war poets, though they have long been lost among Rivers's case studies. Soon after Sassoon arrives, Rivers meets him and they discuss why Sassoon objects to the war: he objects to its horrors, out of no particular religious belief, a common criteria for conscientious objectors. Callan — Callan is a patient of Dr. Sassoon admits to guilt for not serving the soldiers and decides to return to the trenches. Sassoon, however, is hoping that his letter will force the military authorities to court-martial him, which will make him a much-needed martyr before the apathetic British public. Sassoon believes that he has a duty to his fellow soldiers, which is why he attempts to bring the troops safely home by speaking out about ending the war. Rivers feels uneasy about Sassoon entering Craiglockhart, doubting that he is shell-shock and not wanting to shelter a conscientious objector.

According to Graves a poet is "one who uses all the resources of language and his own talent to articulate man's overcoming of the cruel face of one's historical period" "Biography". In the fog, the soldier stumbles upon a tree filled with dead, hanging animals.

Anderson then becomes defensive, mocking Freudian theories and daring Dr.

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Barker's depiction of combat is not glamorous or heroic, but tedious, numbing, horrifying, and visceral. Rivers then discusses the letter and Sassoon, a potential patient, with his supervisor, Bryce. Likewise, it is a fact that some of them were treated at Craiglockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh. Soon, the medical board review the soldiers' cases deciding on their fitness for combat. Although the character in Regeneration eventually returns to the front as did the historical Sassoon , Barker depicts him as remaining deeply ambivalent about warfare. He finds himself in the care of Dr. Being removed from action and cared for in a hospital left many men feeling like they had failed some crucial test of masculinity. According to critic Patricia Johnson, Prior's inability to speak highlights the novel's treatment of Western culture's inability to verbalise the mutilation of bodies caused by war. A number of Wilfred Owen's poems are in the text. An author's note at the end of the novel assures us that Dr Yealland existed and that he detailed his ghastly methods in his own book. The poems describe a soldier discovering a sleeping figure that is really a rotting corpse, a general surveying his troops before bloody combat, and the pain of watching fellow troops die on the battlefield.
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