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Stigmatizing Masood as an indolent and much-married man was how he justified his getting hold of his fields. It is also true that Masood is free to live his life as he chooses. He wanted to be just like his grandfather when he grew up.

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It tells the story of a boy depicted as a witness to the greed and ill-natured spirit of his grandfather who has gotten his wealth by craftily observing a neighbour, Masood, who inherited a good deal of land.

Someone brought my grandfather a stool covered with an oxhide, while I remained standing.

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If you were the boy, would you of reacted in the same manner? What an excellent symbolic reference to colonialist presence in their colonies or local exploiters over suppressed fellowers?

He pulled me by the hand and we went off to the harvesting of Masood's dates. There was a vast number of people there, but though I knew them all, I found myself for some reason watching Masood: aloof from that great gathering of people he stood as though it were no concern of his, despite the fact that the date palms to be harvested were his own.

One day I asked him about our neighbor Masood. Mukhtar Ajoaba. The effectiveness with which Tayeb Salih mastered the use of symbolic features throughout "A Handful of dates" to tie the story's external action to the theme and display the everlasting struggle between good and evil is one of the many reasons why this short story will continue to raise the interest and passion of millions of readers both locally and abroad.

Contributing to the depiction and thus, the understanding of the natural habitat in Sudan as a model of an Afro-Arab community with the details of life based on love for and dependence on palm trees as major source for income and a criterion to measure power; 2.

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An Analysis of A Handful of Dates One of the Works of the Famous Director Tayeb Salih