A biography of paul revere an american patriot and silversmith

In addition to other express riders delivering messages, bells, drums, alarm guns, bonfires, and a trumpet were used for rapid communication from town to town, notifying the rebels in dozens of eastern Massachusetts villages that they should muster their militias because the regulars in numbers greater than were leaving Boston with possible hostile intentions.

After a year in the Army, Revere returned home to Boston, took over the family silver shop, and married his first wife, Sarah Orne.

Revere's extraordinary skill also extended to his carving picture frames for the painter John Singleton Copley — I told him I esteemed myself a man of truth, that he had stopped me on the highway, and made me a prisoner, I knew not by what right; I would tell him the truth; I was not afraid.

paul revere american revolution

Visit Website By all accounts, the young Revere was a serious and committed artisan. King George III had issued a demand for its retraction.

They did not worry about the possibility of regulars marching to Concord, since the supplies at Concord were safe, but they did think their leaders in Lexington were unaware of the potential danger that night.

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He was retained by the provincial congress as a courier, and he printed local currency which the congress used to pay the troops around Boston. This letter, adopted in response to the Townshend Acts , called for united colonial action against the acts. He boarded in Watertown , where he was eventually joined by Rachel and most of his children Paul Jr. Revere such information as will inable him to Conduct the business on his return home. This system was an improved version of an old network of widespread notification and fast deployment of local militia forces in times of emergency. Devens told me, and of my being stopped. Later Life Paul would serve in the American Army during the revolution.

But it was his ride on April 18,that etched his name into history, especially after it was commemorated later by the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

From this, he evolved a neoclassic style after the Revolution.

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Paul Revere Biography